You Can Grow a Garden & Here is How.

Health food prices keep going up and up and up. It starts to feel easier to just buy a dollar burger and take the hit to our waistline. Growing organic fresh vegetables is good for you and easier than you may think.


What if I told you there is a compromise, a way to save your bank account from total annihilation, without nixing veggies from our diets?

The solution is growing your own! Now, before you say "I don't have a green thumb" or " I live in apartments, no yard space!" let's start simple. Just starting with one simple thing can give you the experience and skill to move onto bigger, more intense gardening projects. A great first time veggie is lettuce. It's pretty forgiving, can be grown over winter in mild climates, and is easy to incorporate into most people's dietary needs. This article focuses on growing from containers, so that anyone can utilize it.

First of all, start with a pre-mixed seedling soil blend (you can pick this up at almost any store with a garden section) and a packet of organic seeds.

Find a pot, a wooden crate with adequate drainage, an old flower bed, basically anything that will hold dirt, and allow water to drain out of the bottom. Fill it with your soil, and Plant your seeds, following the depth instructions on the packet. If it's fall or winter, take a sheet of clear plastic and cover your seeds to help them germinate and stay warm as they grow.

Thin out seedlings when they reach 2 inches high. Leave the strongest, and biggest seedlings. You want each plant to have room to grow, and adequate sunlight, which won't happen if they are too crowded.

Water consistently, and the plants will truly do the rest. If you plant a batch every couple of weeks, you can have a solid supply of your own lettuce!