Some True Tips for Cooking in the Kitchen

By: Julie Galeazzi
Contributing Writer

Here is a list of cooking "Trueisms". These are cooking tips and ideas that I have learned over the years and love.  They are in no particular order because frankly they are all equally exciting and useful.
Cooking can be one of the most satisfying things we do in life. It's a chance to make things with our own hands, nourish and give pleasure to people we care about, and choose exactly what we eat and make it a part of ourselves.

Cooking is all about “inspiration”.  Be open to it. Inspiration is all around you!

Use your eyes, ears, smell and touch to cook.

Measure when baking, cook by instinct.

Never put a tomato in the refrigerator. You will dull its flavor. Why else do you think the Italians invented ‘window sills”!

For that matter the “no refrigeration” rule applies to all stone fruit as well and I would go so far as to say apples and pears too

Store bought tomatoes will have more flavor if you slice or chop and then sprinkle with salt and let “stand” before using.

The most flavor generally is found in the fruit that is ugly or wrinkled...think about dried fruit or sun-dried tomatoes The process of moisture loss intensifies flavor!

 Deliciousness is derived when one bite makes all your taste buds happy

We eat with your eyes first!

Cook for yourself as if you are a “guest",  you deserve it.

Season at each step of making the dish to build levels of flavor.

Season with a light hand as more can be added but too much means trying to save the dish with tricks which are never good enough.

A dull flavored dish can be transformed by a squeeze or splash of citrus or vinegar

Hands are the best kitchen equipment…touch your food and it will talk back to you…touch will give you the best information and fully engage you in the cooking.

Go out and enjoy yourself in the kitchen today.  More True tips to come soon!