9 Great Ways to Eat Figs



Figs are sometimes a misunderstood and neglected fruit. Some people only know a fig as an ingredient in those sugar laden stuffed cookie squares. Open one up, and they are so much more. Here are 9 great ways to enjoy fresh figs. 


1. Honey and Goat cheese. 

Cut your figs in half. Spread a layer of goat cheese on top and drizzle with honey. Sweet and savory all in a nice little bite. 


2. Pizza Topping.

Skip the pineapple and go for figs next time. It's a great addition to any pizza from plain cheese to gourmet balsamic arugula pizza. 


3. Roasted pork. 

Next time you roast a pork think about adding figs to your pork. After the pork is finished they will make a nice sweet reduction sauce.


4. Grilled  

Halve your figs and throw them on the grill. The heat will make a wonderful slightly charred caramelized flavor. 


5. In Ice cream

Fig homemade ice cream is wonderful. A beautiful cream flavor from the ice cream and that unique sweet fig taste at the end.


6. Covered in dark chocolate  

Melt some dark chocolate and give your figs a nice coating. The rich chocolate flavor and  and sweet fig taste will be a party hit.


7. Jam

Cook down your figs and make it into a beautiful jam. Wonderful on toast with bacon in the mornings. 


8. In a salad

Dice your figs and add them to a fresh green salad. Add some nice nuts like pecans or sunflower seeds for an accompanying crunch. Coat with a balsamic olive oil dressing and top with sea salt. Tasty. 


9. Eat them raw

Figs are great by themselves. I often find my self eating two or three on the way home from the farmers market. They are a wonderful snack anytime.