Don't Peel your Carrots

I get it, you have peeled carrots for years. Probably because you saw your mother or grandmother doing it. Put the peeler down for a minute and check out these fun facts about carrots!

The carrots are just as tasty and sweet if you don't peel them. Here are a few good times to save the time and effort and not waste the juicy sweet carrot.

Carrots spend a lot of time breaking down in the oven. You wont know a difference. Also try the heirloom and baby style carrots roasted. They are small anyway. If you were to peel them you wouldn't have anything left!

There is a lot of nutrients in the peels of carrots. Scrub the dirt off really well and throw them in your next juicing cocktail.

If you are brewing up a nice vegetable stock you can use an un-peeled carrot. This adds more flavor to your end stock. 

Similar to roasting the carrot will be breaking down asa you cook it so go ahead and leave the peel on. 

Now go off and enjoy some carrot peels, your garbage disposal will thank you!

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