Avocado Crisis of 2016

The fall of 2016 has been a tough one for avocado lovers. Because of a strike in the Mexican avocado industry between the growers and the packers; the "avocados from Mexico" just haven't been able to make it across the border.

To put it simply, there's a huge demand for avocados. Much of the Mexican avocado demand comes from the United States. We love avocados and they have become more popular as a healthy food option in recent years. While California grows amazing avocados the supply hasn't been great in the last few years because of drought.

Currently avocado prices are double or triple the normal fall prices. California avocados should be ripening soon and will fill the local avocado supply and help with this guacamole crisis.

Not to worry though, while there aren't as many avocados the creamy green jewel isn't gone forever. Quantities and prices should be returning to normal in mid winter.