4 Weird Farmers Market Foods You Aren’t Eating – and Definitely Should!

Spring is here and for the winter cities, the Farmers Market season is just warming up! When you hit the market the usual suspects are usually apples, oranges, and kale. Wild produce can look weird to some, but they bring some unexpected awesomeness to your plate.

Here are 4 fruits and veggies you should try!

Description: Rhubarb is vegetable by technical definition, but legally declared a fruit. Stalks are famous for their beautiful bright pink color. 

Warning: the leaves of the stalk are poisonous. Do NOT consume.

Taste: Rhubarb is extraordinarily tart. Most recipes that incorporate require plenty of sugar. 

Common Use: Ingredients for Pie paired with fresh Strawberries.  


Green Zebra Tomato
Description: Green Zebra Tomato resembles a watermelon with the striped flesh and bright neon color attributes

Taste: Sweet and tangy with firm skin. 

Common Uses: Pairs nicely with salads, mozzarella, lime and jalapeños. Also grilles beautifully to be enjoyed as a side dish.


Description: Kohlrabi is an annual vegetable that features a purple or green bulb with long leafy stems.

Taste: Can be enjoyed raw or cooked. Tastes earthy like a mix of cabbage and broccoli. 

Common Uses:  Kohlrabi can be grated and mixed into a slaw. It can also be used in place of potatoes, roasted, and pureed into soup. 


Description: Resembling a turnip with a thick brown skin and a crunchy inside flesh. 

Taste: Similar and resembles a sweeter version of a water chestnut. 

Common Uses: Jicama is generally chopped into stick form topped with lime and chili powder. Can also be used for dip or paired with apples for a crunchy version of slaw. 

Next time you visit the Farmers Market be on the lookout for these fresh finds. Like us and tag us in a pic on our Facebook page with your creations.