How to Choose the Perfect Mango

Mangoes are some of my all-time favorite fruit, but they come along with the daunting task of choosing the perfect ripe one for your eating pleasure. There is nothing worst than getting home from the market and expecting to enjoy a delicious mango, but instead cutting open a sour and stringy mess. Save yourself from this tragedy by following these simple steps:

  1. Pick it up and give it a light squeeze. A ripe mango will give a little and should not be too firm.

  2. Look at the stem of the mango and try to find ones with dried shiny sugar running from it. This is a sign of a sweet fruit.

  3. Pick a mango that looks plump and full. A flat fruit typically means it is stringy inside and not deliciously juicy.

  4. Smell the end near the stem, it should have a fruity fragrance similar to that of a melon.

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