How to Pick the Ripest Watermelon

Summer is approaching quickly and bringing with it backyard bbq’s, pool parties, and of course delicious juicy fruit. There is nothing better than munching on some fresh mouth-watering watermelon to beat the summer heat, but we have all had that moment where we get home to cut open our newly purchased melons to discover a less than extraordinary fruit. When meticulously inspecting each watermelon, keep in mind these tips to be sure you are bringing home the best the store or farmer’s market has to offer:

  1. Look for a yellow or flat spot on the watermelon. This ensures that the melon sat on the vine and was allowed to ripen before being picked. It will give you a sweet and ripe melon. The darker the yellow, the juicier the fruit!

  2. Tap it with your knuckles and listen to the sound the fruit makes. If it sound hollow that means it is ripe and ready for you to bring home.

  3. Don’t pick a melon with a shiny rind. When a watermelon is ripe it loses this shiny appearance.

  4. Pick it up and feel how heavy it is. When a watermelon is ripe and full of delicious juice, it will feel heavy for it’s size.

  5. Look for brown webbing along the outside. This is produced from bees pollinating the melon and lead to a sweeter fruit.



There you have it! Five easy tips to follow so you’re not sent home with a dud of a fruit and can truly enjoy the summer weather.